Adventure in Paragliding in Nepal
Paragliding probably is one of the most popular and great adventure sport, which you can find all over the world. Flying in the air is obviously a great fun. Going high by the parachute and looking the views of the entire landscape down there could be a wonderful fun. This famous air sport is available in few places in Nepal as well. So, as long you are in Nepal and around kathmandu valley you can have fun with Paragliding. So, pokhara is one of the famous tourism city which is greenery as well naturally beautiful. This  city has surrounded by beautiful greenery hills and range of mountains. Having the largest lake Phewa lake of  on its lap, pokhara has given a magnificent view when you take a flight in the parachute.
Due to the Mt. Annapurna trekking zone and as it is the most popular trekking zone pokhar always carries  huge amount of tourist and gets busy all the time. So, walking around and doing some other sport activities like Boating on the phewa lake, cycling around the pokhara is other interesting sports in pokhara. 

paragliding in nepal