Langtang Gosainkunda Trek  8 days

Gosaikunda is a significantly a religious  place very interesting place to trek of. This is rather visited place by local tourist as long it has carried a big religious faith in Hinduism. Almost every hindu has big wish to get in gosainkunda once in their life. Situated at the 4380m high elevation from the sea level this is very cold and snowy place so, you have to think about to prepare the well preparation for the gosainkunda trek.Gosaikunda trek  starts from Dhunche or Syabru Besi on your choice, driving from Kathmandu of about 6 hrs or 7 hrs. Advice to start the trek from syafru besi is slightly easy walking. From Dhunche, the walk is bit difficult so just don’t want to advice to start  trek with difficult walk from very first day.  The first camp is in Chandanbari (signgompa another name) 3200m it is about 6 hrs all the way up from dhunche 1900m.

From syafrubesi it is about 5 hrs walk to thulo syafru. It is not that difficult walk. Staying here one night the second camp will be at Chandan bari, it is also of about 5 hours walk to arrive from thulo syafru. Just because of high altitude and quiet snowy way it feels long walk but it is easy walking day to get to gosainkunda at the altitude of 4380, around 5 hours to 6 hours slightly straight easy way. Tomorrow the descent way from Gosaikunda to ghopte stay over night here and continue walking tomorrow to kutumsang for the next camp. Now one more night at the chisapani  getting to the Kathmandu  means the beautiful trek of langtang gosainkunda has been done.


1. Day One: Kathmandu to Shyafru Besi (1420m)
Riding to the shyafru besi from Kathmandu. It is the day the trek begins. An about 5 hrs to 6 hrs drive from Kathmandu until the shyafru besi and stay first night in shyafru besi. As it is remote Himalayan region the hotels for the accommodation are not luxury but not bad to spend one night, so let say hotels are good in shyafru besi.

2. Day two Shyafru besi Thulo shyafru (2330m)
Another beautiful village at same elevation as Lama Hotel. It is about 6hrs walk from Lama Hotel but sure far more beautiful place can see many greenery hills and villages around that seems an artistic view around the hills.

3. Day three: Thulo shyafru to Chandan bari (Shin Gompa) (3330)
Today is a slightly difficult walking day incline of one thousand miter of elevation from thulo Shyafru. Thick pine forest and incline path could make you tired but getting into the Shin Gompa gives really healing . Beautifully restful place and nice eatery places and coffee brewed  coffee bars in Shin Gompa are really good place to kill you day.

4. Day Four: Shin Gompa to Gosainkunda (4381m)
Probably the most beautiful walking and could be the longest walk of the Langtang circuit. Because of the high altitude the walk be the slower just like that and the snow way is not that easy to walk neither.

5. Day Five: Gosainkunda to  Ghopte (3530m)
A adventurous pass from the Gosainkunda and the frozen (suryakunda) lake 4631m to getting down in the camp named Ghopte. Today it might feel little bit scare while getting down to Ghopte passing from the Gosainkunda, unless having  enough  the trekking kits like walking sticks well warm clothes and boots everything and following to the guide that won’t be any problems.

6. Day Six: Ghopte to kutumsang (2470m)
Last third day of the trek it is still not enough getting lost around the scenic nature but here trek is almost finished got three more days. Tomorrow to the chisapani.

7. Day Seven: Kutumsang to Chisapani (2216m)
Chisapani is a most visited hiking destination of around  the Kathmandu valley and now the camp from the trek also got here. Once, another chance to see Jugle Himal range and Ganesh Himal. So, the last day and still been seeing all those picks which have been seen during the trek and from here lets say bye to all of them until next time.

8. Day Eight: Chisapani to kathmaandu (1365m)
Finally the trek is over getting here in the Kathmandu.


Nepal entry visa at Immigration at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA)
Trekking gear rental like sleeping bags, down jackets, trekking poles, etc.
All kinds of drinks and snacks.

Langtang Gosaikunda