What is interesting in Chitwan

Where is Chitwan National Park Located?

 Chitwan National Park is located in the subtropical Inner Terai lowlands of south-central Nepal in the districts of NawalparasiParsaChitwan and Makwanpur in area of 932 kms. It is the first national Park of Nepal. It is home of many hunting as well the very diverse animals and birds. The narayani river and rapti river has made a easy life settlement. This very natural place is now is one of the favourite tourist destination of all domestic and international tourists. Some other projects around CNP,  The Parsa National Park, the Tiger Reserve Valmiki National Park , the coherent protected are represents the tiger conservation unit.
There had a struggle of human settlement at the first actually before 19th century. It was just a favourite place for hunting for Nepal’s ruling class.

Chitwan National Park