langtang region is one of beautiful mountiang range among the twenty eight mountains range in Nepal. The langtang is
located at the north of nepal in the Rasuwa district boarding with the Tibet. The Langtang National Park is a widely
beautiful Park with Varity of species and the subtropical climate zone to alpine. The park is covered by forest about 25%
and the trees includes evergreen Pine; oak and maple and verious types of Rhododendron. The wild animals like Himalayan black bear,
himalayan Thar, rhesus monkey and red pandas can find in the Park. The famous Gosainkunda lakes which is a holiest place
of hindu religion also contain in the langang national park. this pilgrimage site falls a very fmous festival on the
month in August. The Langtang compraise many picks as it is a Mountain region.

Langtang Lirung 7,234m (23,734ft)
Lantang Ri 7,205m (23,638ft)
Dorje Lakpa 6,966m (22,854ft)
Loenpo Gang 6,979m (22,897ft)
Changbu 6,781m (22,247ft)
Yansa Tsenji 6,690m (21,950ft)
Kyunha Ri 6,601m (21,657ft)
Dongpache 6,562m (21,529ft)
Langshisha Ri 6,427m (21,086ft)
Gangchepo 6,387m (20,955ft)
Morimoto 6,150m (20,180ft)
Tsogaka 5,846m (19,180ft)
Yala peak 5,520m (18,110ft)

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