India is the seventh largest country by area, the second most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and politically most democracy populous country in the world is situated in South Asia. India is better known to the country,Hinduism religiously. The country is bounded by the Indian ocean on the south, the Arabian sea on the southwest and bay of Bangladesh on the southeast. India shares its borders with Pakistan on its west. China, Nepal and Bhutan on the northeast, and Myanmar(Burma) and Bangladesh on the east. India is one of three country along with Nepal and Mauritius to have most Hindu populous country in the world with the 80% of its total population. As long India is known to the land of Hinduism, there are many major Hindu places which are often visiting places they are, Kashi, Gaya, kedarnath, Badrinath and many more… India also a pluralistic multilingual and multi-ethnic society country has made major attraction to the outside people and been making so much interest to get into the country.India is utterly famous in the world through the religious view or we even can say it is famous to Hinduism, as well its cuisine.There are many other things that have made India a place of curiosity and been making people so much interest with them to get closer and understand them.